Ches Arms Creative Studio is a collective of experienced marketing industry professionals spanning the disciplines of art direction, graphic design, website development, content strategy, branding, copywriting, digital marketing and more.

We collaborate to bring the most strategic and creative solutions to our clients in the form of branding, websites, creative assets, and marketing campaigns – all engineered to get results for your business.

The Team

The Team

Ches Arms

Owner / Art Director

Ches is a visual designer – building brands, websites, and other marketing collateral for businesses of all sizes. He’s worked in-house and in fractional leadership roles for nearly 15 years. Working with a vetted team, he leverages industry experience spanning homebuilding & developing to B2B tech to create impactful customer experiences.

Matthew Vermllion

Lead Strategist

Matthew brings more than 12 years of experience in branding, copywriting, and digital marketing strategy across a range of industries from tech to financial services. He’s worked in leadership roles at agencies and client side, including serving as director of marketing for a Fortune 500 company.

Alexander Ramsey

Senior Visual Designer

Alexander strives to deliver the highest quality creative design and brand experience. He’s worked with startups and small/medium sized businesses for over a decade. Partnering with owners and teams, he’s brought exponential growth by designing thoughtful online experiences that generate conversations.

Lane Wilson

Graphic and Web Designer

With a background in non-profit marketing, Lane has designed campaigns, websites, and marketing collateral for companies of all sizes, in too many industries to count. She’s proficient in front end web development and loves helping brands build their digital presence around the brands she’s helped them create.

How can we help?

Ches Arms Creative Studio is now Artifact Branding & Marketing

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